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"I was able to drop four minutes on my mile time by following the cardio interval training and I was able to lose 15 pounds and gain muscle I always thought existed but never truly saw. The Workplace Workout program is much more than getting in shape, it’s about accomplishing complete fulfillment; how to better yourself and truly love the life you live. Thanks HealthyWNY Inc."

- Marinna

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"I've had the pleasure of working with HealthyWNY for some time as I was finishing up my degree at UB. Their staff was incredibly knowledgeable, kept me motivated at the gym, and definitely saw to my physical transformation while on his fitness program challenge. Together, we worked through several phases or routines that kept me sweating and toned up my body. HealthyWNY also crafted a detailed nutrition program that was easy to follow and made the most use of our hard time at the gym. The staff was always prompt, motivated, and there to push me so I would reach my fitness goals. Fast forward to today, I am fit, healthy and studying to become an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer myself thanks to this great program! I wish the creator great luck with and you can't go wrong with his “Workplace Workout challenge!!!"

- Marek


"First I want to say thank you HealthyWNY, for helping me reach my goals while in the challenge program. Before I joined the program I worked out here and there for fun, I always liked that. But while in the program I learned how important it is to be active and to stay healthy, I saw the impact my way of life has on the decisions I make. Committing is not as simple as it sounds: everyday you need to motivate yourself because there's moments in which you feel like giving up, but when you see the results of your efforts you learn that it is worth it, Healthy WNY showed me the way.

I feel and look great! I'm going to keep going with new challenges and stay active!"

- Percy


"While finishing my undergraduate degree I was an active competitor on the university Taekwondo Team. Despite regular training I was looking to gain more muscle weight and to improve my endurance as an athlete. The staff members of HealthyWNY were outstanding as motivators and created a custom tailored workout plan. The program pushed me daily beyond my regular efforts. I was fortunate to have guidelines explain how I could keep a proper diet to nourish my recovery and to live healthy. I respect the staff of HealthyWNY because they lead by example and I learned a lot with them. HealthyWNY's work out plan fit my weekly schedule perfectly and it was up to me to decide when I was ready to try more intense exercises suggested. It felt great to be challenged and to increase the difficulty of workouts. HealthyWNY's expertise was exactly what I was looking for. Having trained with the creator in Taekwondo and at the gym, knowing him for more than 4 years, he is one of the most energetic and inspirational friends I have. Work it!!!"

- Dimitri


"The program helped me reach my final goal. I have lost 10 lbs. while gaining lean muscle and I am more flexible, energetic and feeling well. I enjoyed the time or journey that I spent every week working towards it, as well. I kept a daily log that helped me track my results. I plan to do the program again, perfecting my efforts, and I recommend it to everyone who loves exercising, sports and energy. Everyone deserves to be healthy and happy! "

- Mariya

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"Training with HealthyWNY has been an unmatched experience. I started following a 12-week challenge workout plan developed by HealthyWNY that included a set of exercises that changed every 4 weeks together with a nutrition program and although I've had been working out for 2 years before I met the HealthyWNY team, I didn't see similar extraordinary results until I started this challenge. The success coaches are incredibly motivated, full of energy. They walked me through the workout plan and trained with me to make sure that I perform each exercise correctly and the net results are a significant muscle growth, weight loss, and a great deal of motivation." 

- Maikol

"Working out with HealthyWNY was both rewarding and fun; they pushed me to work harder and lift more even when I thought I couldn’t. I had explained to the success coaches that I was beginning to plateau and needed a more challenging lower body workout. Many leg workouts are limited to one type of exercise, not allowing the legs to work to their full potential. The workout that HealthyWNY wrote up for me was great in that it involved both calisthenics and plyometric exercises in multiple phases allowing my legs to grow and build overtime in the most efficient ways. After attempting this workout, I realized that the success coach was even able to push me without being present. I have worked out with many people over the years that I have been lifting, and working out with the HealthyWNY team and their motivation and energy was one of the most worthwhile workout experiences I’ve ever had. I’m so happy to see that the owner is branching out from individual personal training in attempt to touch the lives of many more people at one time. Take the workplace workout challenge and you will reach your goals and much more! Believe that you can do it and you will reach your goals!" 

- Becca


My goals were: To gain weight, develop my pecs and biceps, to look great and finally increase self-confidence at work and while with friends.

During the HealthyWNY Challenge I measured the progress during the 3 months and saw some real results: I gained 10 Lbs of muscle and I feel much stronger now.  I tried the gym before, or did pushups and abs in my bedroom…but never got good results  With such a good program and by following the simple guidelines such as the ‘improve it principle’, you will get amazing results.

A part of the program that I really appreciated was the time management: You will learn how to get rid of the time wasting activities, how to organize your weeks to save time. After that, you will have plenty of extra time to exercise, read, travel, and try new things!

I have been very happy and proud during these 12 weeks, the program is challenging but not difficult to follow and you will enjoy the results. I recommend it to everyone because at the end we all want to look great and feel good. Keep your goals in mind and it will be an easy and enjoyable ride. Take your own HealthyWNY Challenge!  



"I've had the great pleasure to have some of the HealthyWNY team as my success coaches and I took the 12 week challenge while still living in Buffalo! Before the challenge , I used to workout by myself, but I couldn't achieve my goals that were to lose weight and get stronger. As a girl, HealthyWNY gave me a valuable guidance on nutrition and fitness activities that promote my personal goals! They taught me to diversify my workout in order to improve my overall fitness! I've made huge gains in my physical condition what helped a lot emotionally and mentally! HealthyWNY's professionalism is outstanding, their methods and personalities though their own commitment gave me incentive to "invest" in my fitness though nutrition and exercise, as I continue to workout here in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I can recommend his new Workplace Workout Challenge highly without any reservations! Thanks so much for your support and encouragement!" I am sharing the lessons of the Workplace Workout Challenge with my friends, family, and community! 

- Paloma

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