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Corporate Wellness - HealthyWNY Inc.

HealthyWNY understands the benefits of investing in the health and wellness of employees and supports local businesses with consulting and managing highly effective wellness programs. HealthyWNY engages and empowers participants with valuable, creative, and unique strategies of self-improvement that are both sustainable and life changing.

Corporation or business benefits include but are not limited to

1.  Improvement of employee health

2.  Greater ROI (Return on Investment)

3.  Reduction of medical liability

4.  Increased productivity and performance

5.  Raised PPE (profit per employee)

6.  Improved customer service/relations

Why employee health is important?

Several leading causes of death and illness in the United States such as heart disease, type II diabetes, obesity, and even cancer have preventable root causes. The four major sources are poor nutrition (mal nourishment), lack of physical activity, habitual tobacco usage, and alcohol abuse.

Diseases and illnesses negatively affect companies long and short term.

  • Costs and profitability

  • Cycle time and efficiency

  • Customer service and communication

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) Obesity is common, serious and costly

  • More than one-third of U.S. adults (34.9%) are obese. (even more are overweight)

  • Estimated diabetes costs in the United States in 2012 totaled $245 billion dollars.

  • People who are obese incurred an average $1,429 per person extra in medical costs compared to people of normal weight.

  • Employers are impacted directly by the unhealthy lifestyles of their employees.

However, the return-on-investment for establishing wellness programs in the workplace can be significant. A study of 192 companies found that after a year of wellness programming, including physical activity promotion, 70% of targeted risk factors had improved. A 2010 study showed that for every dollar spent on wellness programs, medical costs fell by approximately $3.27, and costs associated with absenteeism fell by approximately $2.73. Physical activity is also an important component of any effective wellness program.

HealthyWNY Inc. has real life empirical data from all those who have participated in our programs, run both locally and remotely. There are numerous tangible and intangible benefits experienced by participants. On average over the 12 weeks participants have lost 15-24 lbs, seen 5-10 % reduction in body fat composition, gained hours per week in value added activity, and much more. HealthyWNY Inc. also boasts effective health promotion and improvement of biometics such as

  • Increased HDL (Good) Cholesterol

  • Decreased LDL (Bad) Cholesterol

  • Improved Triglycerides levels

The weekly curriculum of the “HealthyWNY Challenge,” further provides benefits such as motivation, success with short and long term personal/professional goals, financial fitness, leadership skills, advanced wellness knowledge, and customized self-development. Discover the opportunites and benefits with HealthyWNY Inc.

HealthyWNY Inc Wellness Promotion Programs

Wellness Promotion Level I - Live active and healthy consulting

  • Includes, health and wellness education, personal evaluations and consulting.

  • Success Coaching.

  • Metric Tracking.

Wellness Promotion Level II – The HealthyWNY Challenge

  • 3 month program, in-house competition, goal setting, time management, character building, positive psychology, self-development, success coaching, and more.

  • Competition Prizes and Awards.

  • Success/Progress Evaluations.

  • Success Coaching.

  • Metric Tracking.

  • Special Events.

Wellness Promotion Level III - Executive and/or Management Wellness Challenge

  • 3 month elite program, in-house competition, goal setting, time management, character building, positive psychology, self-development, success coaching, and more.

  • Success/Progress Evaluations.

  • Leadership by example.

  • Elite Special Events.

  • Success Coaching.

  • Metric Tracking.

  • Seminars.

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