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FAQ #1 Quickly, What is the HealthyWNY Challenge

3 different phases lasting 12 weeks which includes

  • Success Coaching
  • Time and Stress Management
  • Workout Guidelines
  • Healthy Eating Guidelines
  • Weekly Shortcourses
  • Motivation & Accountability
  • A great oppotunity for you and the community.
  • And so much more

FAQ #2. How do I start?

  1. Register HealthyWNY Challenge and submit fee via PayPal.
  2. Fill out your own Goal/Motivation Sheet and take before photo.  Send to
  3. Use login page to access website.
  4. Meet with HealthyWNY Wellness Professional.
  5. Follow guidelines of phases as you progress and weekly shortcourses that are provided with "To Do," Lists.
  6. Ask questions if any difficulty occurs.

FAQ #3 What aids the success of other participants in the HealthWNY Challenge?

The greatest success or overall transformation is realized when true implementation of the program guidelines/life lessons is instilled into a participant’s daily life. If one does half the program, one should expect half the results. If one completes or exceeds the program guidelines, one should expect to reach or exceed their goals as well! This is similar to many aspects of life.

FAQ #4: On my free day can I drink as much as I want?

The answer is simple my friends… use, in moderation is key. 2-3 drinks is a good maximum limit to have for weekly care free day. Moderate or small amounts of alcohol, has been stated in research to be good for the heart and circulatory system. Heavy drinking is not recommended by HealthyWNY for a person who wishes to live active and healthy. Like smoking, alcohol consumption is a major cause of preventable death in most countries. Alcohol consumption, particularly for people who drink heavily, affects one negatively short and long term. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, or NIAAA, alcohol “affects the way your body uses whatever nutrients you consume.” Alcohol turns directly to fat, is detrimental to protein metabolism in the body, and further it negates any workouts one has done that week. The long term effects of alcohol on the liver and obesity rates are another reason to avoid overuse. Lastly, when Is the last time you felt at your best and ready for a full intense workout after a long night of drinking?... Yeah we thought so.

FAQ #5: Can anyone do the Workouts as prescribed by HealthyWNY Inc.?

With the HealthyWNY Challenge the “Resistance Training,” and “Interval Burn Training,” is designed to be suited to the individual’s capabilities. With that said, it is as easy, or as hard as you can personally handle. Basically strive to beat your personal best every opportunity that you are able. Before each workout review your performance of the previous workout and use the “Improve it Principle,” to ensure results. Further the program’s difficulty is progressive and allows for development through advanced techniques in later phases.

FAQ #6: I don’t know how to cook well… Is there a place on the website where I can see examples of healthy meals and learn to cook?

Always take initiative to learn or lookup what you do not know but wish to. The internet, local book stores, and or professionals of the field are a few great reference points to start with. In time, you can be knowledgeable or skilled at anything you wish to be. In this specific case, recipes can be found in recipes under the Nutrition Menu.

FAQ #7: I’m having issues. How can I make this program work better for me?

This answer is simple. Ask yourself… “Am I following all of the weekly materials provided online at” Trust and follow the guidelines of the program and you will guarantee yourself positive results. Live active and Health

FAQ #8: How do I know if I am financially fit?

Week 11 online Shortcourse #11 discusses this topic and a free consultation is available with a friendly Financial Services Professional. Visit and find out strategies that make your money work for you instead of the contrary!

FAQ #9: How do I complete my HealthyWNY Challenge in order to be considered for the prize?

Please send your submission to including the following items.

1. Before and after photos

2. One 500 word or less essay “The HealthyWNY Challenge and my life.”

3. Fill out the quick survey distributed after week 12.


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