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PHASE II AND III: 8 Week Abdominal Guidelines

Phase I has been done and it’s time to up the ante so to speak! For the final two phases follow the guidelines below. Ladies it’s time to shape up and flatten that belly further. Gentlemen… how about a 6 pack? Versatility is the key behind the HealthyWNY Challenge. You can choose when to do these abdominal exercises, just make sure they get done. Some people prefer to do them on their cardio days to be time efficient at the gym. Others put them on training days. Even better is throwing them in between exercises on training days and experience the benefits of active resting between sets.

Weeks 5-8 Lets do it!

Each day has 3 abdominal exercises to do a certain number of times. All three exercises equal one circuit or cycle. If one cycle is extremely hard you are done for the day. On the contrary if one cycle is too easy you add additional cycles to make it harder. For example go through three exercises 1 time each. Evaluate how you feel and listen to your body (Don’t overdo it at first). If you’re feeling good and motivated continue on and reap the benefits.

Day 1 example Monday

  • Deadman’s sit up 25x

Explanation: Lay flat on your back (legs flat and arms straight on floor above head, then sit up and reach to your toes.

  • Scissor kicks 15-20x

Explanation: Lay flat on back raise both legs to 90 deg from floor. Then one drops to six inches above floor. Then each time you alternate legs switching.

  • Toe touches 20x

Explanation: Lay flat on back. Legs are both raised at 90 deg. Touch your toes with legs straight.

Day 2 example Wednesday

  • Twist sit up 25-30x

Explanation: Normal sit up but and the top you twist left then you twist right and then down.

  • Side to side twist 20-30x

Explanation: Sitting up with knees bent and ankles in the air slightly. Clench fist and twist to each side and tap the ground.

  • Stability ball crunches (3 sec hold) 25x

Explanation: Sitting on a ball let your back flex over the ball and then execute a crunch. Hold 3 secs.

Day 3 example Friday

  • Plank hold for 1 min 3 separate times.

Explanation: Back straight on elbows facing the ground, and on toes. Hold.

  • Stability ball reverse crunch 30x

Explanation: Feet on ball and in a push up position. Pull your feet and the ball towards stomach. The knees bend in a reverse crunch fashion.

  • Pulse crunches

Explanation: Sit up position. Do a crunch and pulse for 30 secs-1 min from up position to halfway to start position.


Abs Routine Weeks 9-12 harder!

Phase III is here! Congratulations on your progress and determination this far. You are in the home stretch and well on your way to success. Here are some new exercises to isolate the abdominals.

Day 1 Example Monday

  • V-ups at 45 deg 20x

Explanation: Legs are straight and in the air at 45 deg from floor. Hands come from over head on floor to touching toes

  • Bicycles 20-40

Explanation: Hands behind head and knees up. Alternating bring opposite elbow to opposite knee while legs are pedaling.

  • Leg raise to 10

Explanation: Lay flat on floor. Do 1 leg raise to where your legs are 90 deg from floor. Then on the way down stop at six inches and hold 1 sec. Next two leg raises and at bottom hold for two seconds. Then three and so on until you do 10.

Day 2 Example Wednesday

  • Pass the stability ball sit up 20-30x

Explanation: Laying flat on your back squeeze a stability ball in between your ankles and hands on floor above head. Bring legs up straight and at 90 deg take the ball with hands and raise above head while legs lower. Then Bring legs up and hands holding the ball and switch ball back to in between feet. Repeat.

  • Side to side twist 30-40 times (with a small weight in hands.)

Explanation: Same as before just with small weight.

  • Side crunches 30 each side

Explanation: Sit up position with knees to one side. Crunch up and hold for 3 secs.

Day 3 Example Friday

Consecutive exercises with max of 20 secs in-between.

  • Crunches 25x
  • Toe touches 25x
  • Leg raises 25x
  • Side crunch 25x
  • Planks 30-45 sec
  • Twist sit ups 25x
  • Leg pushes 25x
  • Side to side twist (maximum possible)
  • Leg Pushes

Explanation: Legs at 90 deg from the floor. Push feet in the air straight up and hips come off floor a little.

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